Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to ensure risk averse investment opportunities to our partners, delivering strong cash flow and long-term appreciation of the real estate, while preserving capital. Through carefully designed strategies and excellent execution, Emma Capital has crafted its acquisition approach to ensure that this goal is met.


We prospect a huge number of investment opportunities and adhere to a stringent acquisition process. We only complete acquisitions that don’t require capital gains to deliver attractive returns to investors. While capital gains will obviously improve the financial performance of our transactions, our deals are characterized by strong, regular cash flow, distributed monthly. The principals of Emma Capital invest in every transaction.

Emma Capital will consistently employ the following methods to ensure appropriate risk-mitigation and to maximize returns:

Selection of Markets

We carefully select markets/submarkets that encompass the following traits:

  • Large cities with population greater than 1 million people
  • Expectation to outperform in recovery
  • Demographic growth and job growth to drive demand
  • Superior historical returns
  • Diversified and stable job market
  • Projected rent increases

In the selection process we employ diligent research including:

  • detailed market research
  • demographic trend analysis
  • economic trend analysis

Selection of Properties

The following criteria guide our investments:

  • Properties that are generally 15+ year old Apartments in well-located areas
  • Properties at significant discount to replacement cost
  • Properties with functional layouts and reasonable amenities
  • Properties with strong regular cash flow
  • Properties with value-add and repositioning opportunities
  • Properties that can benefit from selective upgrades in order to maximize their potential and ensure that such properties are competitive
  • Properties that allow for utilization of leverage at attractive rates

Management of Properties

  • Maintain active project oversight ensuring unparalleled service excellence
  • Employ creative leasing strategies
  • Prudent and creative approach to cost management
  • Consistently searching for opportunities to grow NOI, maximize cash flow, and drive increases in long-term value
  • Never-ending pursuit of excellence
  • Continuous and ongoing feedback to our investment partners


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Leadership Team

Emma Capital’s leadership team is comprised of top-tier professionals with deep experience, established reputations and extensive contacts in the real-estate community.

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Advisory Board

Emma Capital has established an Advisory Board to provide informed guidance to our executive team and serve as an ally in the quest for corporate governance.

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